Actrini Acción Directa - Disinfectant virucidal

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High performance Disinfectant-Virucide

Actrini 5.0 is a powerful disinfectant with three actions: bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. It is a product suitable for both food and environmental use, specially formulated for surface disinfection.

It is a product for professional use and used by specialized personnel.


Actrini Direct Action is a disinfectant that has a high detergent and moisturizing power. It allows to clean in depth the most difficult areas, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, with residual effect.

Thanks to its disinfectant action, it inhibits the fermentation and putrefaction process produced by microorganisms so it is very useful in eliminating unpleasant odors.

It cleans and disinfects all types of surfaces (work tables,  floors, bathrooms, etc.) but also of objects such as: buttons, door handles, furniture, etc.

As it does not contains bleach, it can be used in textile disinfection: very effective for spraying clothes, shoes, sofas, bags...


It is a product to use directly; it does not need dilution. To achieve a good disinfectant effectiveness, its pure application is recommended.

How to use

Contact disinfection: surfaces, by spraying with a sprayer, cloth, mop or immersion with the product pure.

Incompatible with organic matter, anionic detergents, ammonia derivatives and hypochlorites.

Incompatible with chromium, lead, aluminum, tin, zinc and their alloys (bronze, brass, etc.).

Complies with UNE-EN 13697 in dirty conditions for antiseptics and chemical disinfectants. Complies with UNE-EN 14476 specifically for encapsulated viruses, such as coronavirus.

Registration number: 21-20/40-10796-HA and 21-20/40-10796

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