Footwear deodorizer Dulcehogar

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Footwear deodorizer

It is a deodorizer based on 100% natural essential oils. It radically attacks the microorganisms that cause the bad smell, providing a pleasant aroma. It is especially recommended for sports shoes and mountain draft. It contains stabilizing agents, which causes the gradual evaporation of the aromatic elements, making its air freshening effect much longer over time.

Presentation in 90mL containers.


Instrucions for use: Remove the footwear deodorizer capsule and spray inside the footwear. Pulverize away from your face and body.

Technical Characteristics: 

Physical appearance: Transparent fluid

Density: 0.90 g/mL approx.

General characteristics

Dulcehogar footwear deodorizer is a product that effectively eliminates bad odors, even in cases where the smell is very strong. At the same time, it leaves a soft fresh aroma, which makes the shoe racks or closets where the shoes are kept do not give off bad odors.

Its mechanism of action is very simple: After its application, it encapsulates the components of bad odors, eliminating them. In addition, thanks to the fact that it contains various essential oils, it aromatizes shoes very lightly. These essential oils are of high quality, so that the release of the aromatic agents is done gradually. In this way, that feeling of freshness lasts for several days. Likewise, once the bad smell has been eliminated, thanks to the encapsulation process, it will not appear again.

In addition, after drying, it leaves no residue, so the shoes continue to be just as comfortable as the first day.

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Footwear deodorizer Dulcehogar