clothes odor absorbent

Clothes Odor's Absorbent

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Clothes Odor's Absorbent

It is a powerful odor absorbent based on 100% natural essential oils. It is specially developed for textile surfaces. Ideal to apply after washing. It immerses those who smell it in a spiral of floral aromas. It contains stabilizing agents, which causes the gradual evaporation of the aromatic elements, making its air freshening effect much longer over time.

Presentation in 750mL containers.


Directions for use: Open the nozzle of the clothes odor absorbent by twisting before the application. Spray away from your face and body on the surface of the clothes. Close the nozzle by  twisting after the application. Store the product in upright position with trigger upwards.

Technical Characteristics:

Physical appearance: Transparent fluid

Density: 0.93 g/mL approx.

General Characteristics

It is a clothes odor absorbent that effectively eliminates bad odors. Its way of proceeding is the encapsulation of the bad smell. After its encapsulation, it removes it, leaving the cloth impregnated with a soft and pleasant smell.

Before application, it is recommended to always carry out a compatibility test in a non-visible area, to make sure that the product does not affect the fabric in question.

This odor absorbent is effective on persistent odors such as humidity, tobacco, body odor, or sweat.

It can be used in everyday clothes, carpets, bedding: sheets, blankets, duvet, quilts, baby seats. It is ideal for removing the annoying "closed smell" that sometimes appears in our garments after being stored in the closet for a time.

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Clothes Odor's Absorbent