Pets Odor's Absorbent

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Pets odor's absorbent

Spray with natural and biodegradable essences (not aerosol). It is a powerful absorber based on 100% natural essential oils. It contains high quality raw materials. It oxygenates the environment and encapsulates the bad odors caused by animals and organic matter, providing a pleasant aroma. Ideal for setting home and leisure spaces where animals are present. It contains stabilizing agents, which causes the gradual evaporation of the aromatic elements, making its air freshening effect much longer over time.

Presentation in 750mL containers.


Directions for use: Open the nozzle of the Pets odor absorbent by twisting before the application. Spray away from your face and body on pet's bed. Close the nozzle by  twisting after the application. Store the product in upright position with trigger upwards.

Technical Characteristics:

Physical appearance: Transparent fluid

Density: 0.93 g/mL approx.

General characteristics

When we live with our dogs and cats, it is almost impossible that they do not present odors. These odors can be very difficult to eliminate, even if we keep our pets very clean.

The Dulcehogar Pets Odor Absorbent provides a pleasant smell without masking odors. Encapsulates odor-causing particles and removes them. Thanks to its specially designed formula, it leaves a soft fresh aroma in the environment.

It is a formula that has a low alcohol content, so that the diffusion of bad odors occurs in a gradual, more intense and lasting way.

With its easy application mode, you just have to spray it on the surfaces that have a bad smell (animal bed, sofas, floor ...) and wait a couple of minutes. The smell of our pets will disappear completely.

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Pets Odor's Absorbent