Tabu Air Freshener

Tabu Air Freshener

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Tabú Air Freshener

The Tabú fragrance is intense and at the same time subtle. It is made to provide to the space in what it is applied oriental enigmatic olfactory notes with a floral touch, creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

It is a luxury air freshener that is made with essences and techniques used in high perfumery. Ideal for work spaces, home and leisure spaces. It quickly encapsulates bad odors and creates a pleasant environment from the moment of its application. In its composition it includes stabilizing agents, which causes the gradual evaporation of the aromatic elements, making its effect much longer over time.

Presentation in 750mL containers.


Directions for use: Open the nozzle of the Tabu air freshener by twisting before the application. Spray away from your face and body. Hold the container upright and spray with circular movements into the open space in the room. Close the nozzle by  twisting after the application. Store the product in upright position with trigger upwards.

Technical Characteristics:

Physical appearance: Transparent fluid

Density: 0.93 g/mL approx.

General characteristics:

Tabu Air Freshener is an air freshener composed of floral notes, with a fruity background. If you like sweet air fresheners, this is yours.

The main difference with the rest of the Dulcehogar range of products is that fruity background that reminds of tropical fruit: mango, pineapple, papaya ... That is why it is a fresh air freshener that is not heavy, although due to the high quality of the raw materials with which it is manufactured is very persistent over time. In addition, it is ideal for use in shops, offices or in any room at home.

It does not mask bad odors, so the air freshener output will always be the same.

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Tabu Air Freshener