DC-10 Degreaser

It is a high concentration alkaline degreasing detergent, recommended for removing grease and dirt from cooking utensils (griddles, fryers, hoods, ovens, etc …) and in general any type of protein fat.

It is easy and quick to rinse. Completely fireproof. It does not produce toxic vapors when applied. It is not affected by the hardness of the waters.

DC-10 5L


Highly effective Degreaser. This grease remover is specially designed for griddle, ovens, hoods, filters or fryers.


It is a highly effective degreaser. For this reason, it is used in places such as restaurants, bars, catering establishments, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and professional kitchens.


This degreaser has a wide variety of applications:

-Application on griddle, ovens and hoods: Spray the pure product on the surface to be treated and leave it to act on the hot surface (about 40º – 70ºC) for a few minutes. Then remove the burned and softened fats, using a spatula. Rinse with copious amounts of water and passivate the surface with vinegar.

-Application on filters: First, the filters must be immersed in a warm water bath (40º -50 ºC) and a dose between 10-20% of product. It is necessary to insert the filters in an upright position and then leave them to rest in the solution for a few hours. Then, rinse with plenty of water.

-Application on the fryer: Drain the oil from the fryer. Then fill it with water and add 10-20% of the product. Set the thermostat temperature at 90ºC for 15 minutes. Empty and rinse with copious amounts of water. If there are any remains, use a brush. Rinse again with water and common vinegar. WARNING: Do not use the product on soft metal surfaces.


Physical appearance: Yellow fluid liquid

Density: 1.055 g/ml aprox.

pH:  12±1

DC-10 5L

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DC-10 Degreaser