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Multiuse cleaner special for...

Price €4.20

It is a specific multipurpose product to quickly and efficiently remove ink stains, grease, pens, markers, etc. High degreasing capacity, especially for plastic and vitrified surfaces. Quick action.

Multiuse Glass Cleaner

Price €4.00

Multipurpose cleaner specially formulated for cleaning all types of glass, leaving a soft perfume. It is used on all types of surfaces, especially glass, tiles, windows, mirrors, stained glass, glass crafts, etc. - Energetic action, so that minimal manual effort is required. - Shapeless veils -...

Stainless Steel Brightener Actrini

Price €7.80

It is a product specially developed for cleaning and polishing stainless steels and metal surfaces in general. It is a product of easy evaporation, indicated for the polishing, cleaning and conservation of metallic surfaces, of normal or polished stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, nickel plated...

Biodex Sanitary Descaler

Price €4.20

Acid deoxidizing and descaling detergent. It has a light and pleasant aroma. Special for application on sanitary ware to remove: rust, rust or verdigris. It is an acidic and viscous product used in industrial cleaning. It cleans porcelain with maximum hygiene and shine. It has a residual effect,...