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Vanilla Air Freshener

Price €6.78

Vanilla Air Freshener. Toasted Vanilla fragrance aromatizes and provides a soft fragrance. It brings a pleasant feeling in any room, getting a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. It is a luxury air freshener that is made with essences and techniques used in high perfumery. Ideal for work spaces,...


Price €7.44

FERROKLIM removes rust and protects the surface. It leaves perfect finishes, creating an inert microscopic film on the treated surfaces, which prevents the oxidative action of external agents (Phosphate Conversion Coating). Its use is generalized for the entire surface of iron and oxidized steel....

ACTRINI CLINIC-Virucidal solution

Price €8.47

Actrini Clinic, Virucidal Hydroalcoholic Solution Formulation for manual hand washing recommended by the WHO (formula 2) based on isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, with skin-protecting excipients (PT1). It has a fast action and it is a broad spectrum disinfectant (Bactericide, Fungicide,...

Degreaser GWO

Price €4.75

It is a cleaner that removes easily grease and adhered residues. It is used by spraying directly and also diluted, depending on the application. Where its effectiveness is best appreciated is inside ovens, microwaves and ceramic stoves. Spray the product cold, leave on for a few seconds and...

Multiuse Glass Cleaner

Price €4.11

Multipurpose cleaner specially formulated for cleaning all types of glass, leaving a soft perfume. It is used on all types of surfaces, especially glass, tiles, windows, mirrors, stained glass, glass crafts, etc. - Energetic action, so that minimal manual effort is required. - Shapeless veils -...